Friday, September 20, 2013

Washington Watch: "Breaking Bad"

Speaker of the House
Rep. John A. Boehner [R-OH]
The GOP House leaders are calling it their line-in-the-sand, others are calling it the line-to-lunacy.  The tea party-led House voted YET again to shut-down (or defund this time) Obamacare....and not only that, they tied it into the funding to keep the government going.

There are those who get so high on their pedestal that the oxygen doesn't reach their brain. Others dislike the President SO MUCH that they even embrace the Russian leader. Americans.

History will not bode well for these obstructionists whose sole purpose is to derail a Presidency. They have not been pro-active at all. Only contrary.

Obamacare (they named it as a tactic to defeat his bid for a second term; He embraced the name) -- is LAW. Passed by both Houses of Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court.

Granted...the Administration could be doing a better (and faster) job of rolling it out, however many people with pre-existing conditions are looking forward to it. As are the millions of uninsured and others who are paying exorbitant rates for health care.

Is it perfect? Probably not. But what is the GOP proposing??? This seems to be more of their anti-Obamanism. The President summed it up today at a speech in Missouri:
"The debate that's going on in Congress is not meeting the test of helping middle-class families," Obama said. "They're focused on politics. They're focused on trying to mess with me. They're not focused on you."
Even if the goal is purely to make Obama look bad (as unworthy as this is) -- the question must be asked --do the ends justify the means? Bringing government to its knees, destroying the creditworthiness of the nation?

No...the ends do not justify the means more so than the actions of a dying teacher who becomes a drug lord to provide for his family in the TV show Breaking Bad.

This move by the right-led GOP is just plain BAD!

Oh Yeah -- they also cut food stamp funding this week.

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President Barack Obama writes a school excuse note for Alanah Poullard, 5, 
while visiting with Wounded Warriors and their families in the East Room 
during their tour of the White House, Sept. 19, 2013.
 Alanah asked for a note to show her kindergarten teacher. 
(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

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