Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Washington Watch: Week 5


The Sequester -- Here We Go Again.

So...it's almost here and the question is - do most Americans care?

What is the misery index for these forced budget cuts, and how high does it have to be to get the public upset?

Are we sick of the 'budget blame game' yet?

The truth is $85 billion in automatic spending cuts start Friday if Congress fails to act. Both the economy and Defense department could take major hits. Yet...Washington seems locked into the melodrama...like a bad reality series.

The media is doing their part to rile up the American public with stories of dire consequences if no deal is reach...but again...does the public care? Or, do we all have 'battle fatigue' from the ever-looming fiscal cliffs we find ourselves in since a significant number of House Republicans decided they will not support anything the President proposes....(even if they were once for it).

Even frequent Obama-foe Newt Gingrich in discussing immigration, admitted many in his party have such a dislike for Obama that they oppose ANYTHING he is for.

Because of this, we can be assured that if any deal is reached in the coming weeks, it will just be a temporary matter. The Republicans seem content to just keep sitting on the ball and running out the clock. This has been their strategy the past four years and will continue to be. 

In the meantime, the President is taking the case to the people, while his administration department heads prepare to make devastating cuts.

Not to be outdone, Boehner pushed the blame to the Senate. CBS News Reports (February 26, 2013):
"House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, clearly frustrated with the lack of a solution to avert the sequester, which kicks in on Friday, let some frank language slip on camera today, pushing the Senate to act on dealing with the impending budget cuts.
The president "is going all over the country holding rallies instead of sitting down with Senate leaders," while, Boehner argued, "We have moved a bill in the House twice." 
"We should not have to move a third bill before the Senate gets off their ass and begins to do something," he added."
Among the populace, battle fatigue, or boredom, or a feeling of helplessness when it comes to our government, is real -- a PEW Research poll released yesterday found that only one in four people (25%) are following the sequester now, compared to 40% in December of last year. 

Folks may be tired of hearing the sky is falling...even if it really is.

In other news...

Coronating Hillary

A lot of stories this week on how the Democratic nomination AND the Presidency is Hillary's for the taking. Warnings went out to all Democrats who would dare to challenge her..."Don't even bother. She's got a lock on this." I like her chances and think she would make a good President ..but I've got to admit to a little deja vu here...she was considered inevitable for 2008 and ran her campaign that way. AND we know how THAT turned out.  I'm sure...if she does run...she won't make the same mistake twice...you never know who's lurking.  And there IS Providence.

Turning Back the Clock

The Supreme Court will hear arguments this week on a key provision of the Voting Rights Act. There are those who think the Act is no longer needed because we have a black President.  Maybe they didn't notice the voting fiascoes that went on in many states this past election season in attempts to suppress minority voting.

President Obama's First Term -- A Look Back at Week Five - 2009:   (Excerpts from my National Scene blog, February 25 2009)

  • Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso became the first foreign leader to meet with the President in the White House. The two discussed economic and foreign policy issues. 

  • President Obama sent a budget to Congress for fiscal year 2010. The budget projects a $1.75 trillion deficit and calls for more than $3.5 trillion in spending. The budget reflects the administration’s attempt to turnaround the country’s financial crisis. 
  • President Outlines End of Iraq War - Fulfilling a promise he made during his campaign, the President outlined a plan for troop withdrawal from Iraq. He stated, "Let me say this as plainly as I can: by August 31, 2010, our combat mission in Iraq will end,." The President made his remarks at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. 
  • First Lady Michelle Obama visited the Women's Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery in honor of women in the military and military families—a cause she has championed. The event marked Women’s History Month, and Mrs. Obama began her remarks by highlighting the achievements of U.S. military women throughout history and thanking them for their service to the country.

And Finally,

Mrs. Obama has 'Moves' and she has 'Haters' (probably because she has moves)

The same folk who dislike her husband, have no love for her either.. (they complained about her appearance on the Oscars this past week)...Still, she continues to razzle, dazzle, and SHOW them HOW it's done:


Inauguration Day 2013


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